Update! The Birds and Windows project has concluded. We encourage you to learn more about our results and how you can make a difference.
What is the issue?
Bird-window collisions are one of the largest threats facing urban bird populations.In Canada, an estimated 16-42 million birds die each year from collisions with windows. Residential homes are estimated to represent 90% of building-related mortality, directly related to their large number on the landscape compared to other building classes. Together we can work to learn more about this issue and understand ways to reduce collisions at our homes.The University of Alberta Birds and Windows Project was designed to use citizen science and active participation to continue to identify the factors that affect collision risk at residential homes across Canada and the United States.

Get involved!
To better understand what can be done to reduce bird window collisions, the University of Alberta has developed this project to actively involve YOU in data collection. We are asking you to think about bird window collisions you have observed in the past and would like you to regularly search around your residence for evidence of bird window collisions in the future. By collecting this data we hope to identify the factors that make some windows more risky for birds than others. The project is ongoing and will be running through 2015.

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